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Reasons to dress chairs and sofas in throws.

Throws like cushions also brighten up a dull sofa, however,they serve a further purpose of warming you up when it gets a bit nippy. Depending on the type of fabric being used , they can bring a touch of luxury to a home as well.

I chose the moss coloured mohair fabric because of its yielding texture and strong moss colour. I enjoy working with cotton, hence added the voile camouflage detail fabric. The cotton voile softens the intense colour of this throw. I once had a beautiful red mohair throw from Cocoa bean. It served me well. I love mohair for its warmth and softness.

The grey iron Dupion silk is very alluring, I couldn’t resist combining it with the pale grey mohair and being frivolous by adding little pompoms to it! That was great fun winding the wool around the tiny pom-pom maker.

The large red trailing branches on the pink knitted lace are quite expressive. I went on to add the white cotton lace which is intertwined with red velvet lace. Piroska (Red in Hungarian) made these beautiful throws!! I love crocheted thin cotton. I therefore couldn’t resist combing it with the knitted fabric.

Although the brown trailing flower on black lace is identical in motif to the pink and red one, its bright orange sequined trimming also brings it a bit more to life. I just couldn’t again resist adding a hint (??) of orange colour in there!

Do you use throws on your sofas and chairs, if so why? If not again why don’t you? let me know by leaving a comment on Zaliwana Accessories.

When I was planning to start running Zaliwana Accessories, one of the places I enjoyed visiting and which greatly inspired me was the 19th Century recreated Hungarian house.

I saw a lot of similarities between our current interiors and those of more than 100 years ago. As in modern houses, the walls were painted white. In these old houses, this was a white created with limestone which gave a very clinical atmosphere and contrast with the ornaments which were hung on the walls.

Naturally, the pottery consisting of water jugs, jars, pots, plates and mugs were some of my favourite decorations.  Equally beautiful are the greens, blues and browns.

The sleeping quarters (bedrooms) were used as a dining area as well.

Wooden shelves were used to hold a variety of kitchen utensils, plates, bowls,vases and pots.


Cushion Profusion

A whole trunk full of designed and handmade cushions at Zaliwana Accessories. The fabrics range from cotton to linen, silk to wool.  The styles are also varied, with some being embroidered and appliquéd while others are plain sewn, however all have their unique characteristics. The shapes are mainly large and small squares as well as round. Colours include, chocolate brown, beige, French grey, moss, orange, pink,cream and multi.  Beautiful trimmings adorn most of these cushions. Trimmings include Indian ribbon, tassels, velvet, sequins and beading. Limited quantities have been made in each of the styles.

Which cushion is your favourite and tell us why? We look forward to hearing from you…

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