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We love our products at Zaliwana Accessories. The majority of them are Handmade and globally sourced- the United Kingdom included! Unique products are always at the heart of our ethos.Quality, attention to detail, limited quantities and the uniqueness of each and every product which therefore provides an original and pure beauty to the finished article.

Although we source our products globally, a great deal of thought goes into the type of communities we procure these from. Believe it or not, a lot of it is word of mouth…”great quality, handmade, unique, different, vibrant, small family business, old unique traditions…” are some of the phrases that enable us to make our decisions.
Our beautiful purses are made by villagers in Transylvania, using old beading sewing traditions.Working around the family is very important in these traditional homesteads.30
Traditions of mouth blowing glass are fast dying out in Europe, fortunately some countries like Poland, and the Czech republic still hang on to these. Our site stocks this maginificent glassware.piri sewing
Attention to detail is crucial in the making of our products-only a few items are made in each range. Here, Piri sews some of the quilts we stock. An extremely talented seamstress with years of great experience. 12
Vertel is a well known Hungarian ceramist. She is extremely talented at creating life like forms from clay

Garden ornaments
Garden ornaments
Napozó békák Life like creatures.

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Pall Magdi and Gyorfi Imre’s Pottery


Pall Magdi and Gyorfi Imre are a couple descendant from  Hungarians. They live in a village named Korond in Transylvania, famous for ceramic and pottery. This tradition has been passed on for hundreds of years through families. Only renowned families and well made pottery has managed to exist today.

Transylvania is a historical region in the central part of Romania. Its boundaries on the East and South are the Carpathian mountain range. Historical Transylvania extended in the west to the Apuseni mountains. Transylvania has been dominated by several different peoples and countries throughout its history. Among other peoples are the Hungarians who conquered much of Central Europe at the end of the 9th century.

Pall and Gyorfi have their pottery wheel in one of the rooms they use as a shop. Their pottery is ecologically fired in a kiln in another room adjacent to the main house. All the images on the products are hand drawn by Pall.

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