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Barbara candy jars…just a thought.

Mothering Sunday

Only thirteen days before Mother’s day. Have you thought of the special gift you are going to get for this very special lady?

I suppose your mother is one of the most important persons in your life. Yes, mine was, sadly, she passed away just last December. I miss her so much. I awake at 3.45am every morning the time the phone rang to tell me of her death.

I always believed Mother’s day was everyday, however, a very special day can be celebrated to let this special person know how much she is loved, appreciated and adored.

No, it’s not the horses, but the lovely bone China porcelain.


Beautiful porcelain in sea grass and cream with silver.

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Still chilly, these are just the objects to feel warmed up!

Ice white candles

_20141226_19440zaliwana winter_37_1920 x 1271

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The nights are still cold..

Valentine is over, but the evenings and nights continue to be icy cold.The lanterns create that warmth. Put some tea lights inside them and feel the change.

_20141230_20596zaliwana winter_187_1920 x 1271



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Happy Valentine’s Day..

Hope you find the true love you have been searching for.

True Valentine.
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Valentine’s meal on a shoe string budget, however, extremely delicious (serves 2 people)

The spicy borlotti beans and Swiss chard meal can be eaten with bread, potatoes or rice.

For Spicy beans

  1. One (400g) can Waitrose essential borlotti beans (undrained)
  2. Four table spoons sunflower oil
  3. Three quarter can chopped tomatoes
  4. One medium sized white onion
  5. 2 /3cloves garlic(strength optional)
  6. Fresh ginger (strength of ginger is optional)
  7. Two teaspoons white pepper
  8. One Teaspoon salt


Swiss chard

  1. Two packets Waitrose Swiss chard
  2. Four tablespoons butter
  3. One teaspoon salt


  1. Chop up the onion into small strips, then crush the garlic.
  2. Heat the sunflower oil on medium heat- gas, 5/6. Fry the garlic stirring well, until they start to stick to the bottom of the sauce pan- do not allow to burn. Add the onions to the sauce pan and continue to fry until they just start to turn brown. Pour the ¾ can of chopped tomatoes into the mixture, leave to simmer for about 5 minutes then add the grated ginger. Add the can of beans, stir well, add the salt , leave to cook for another 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the pepper and allow to simmer for a further 5 minutes. Serve in a bowl


For Swiss chard

  1. In their bundles, chop the Swiss chard into medium sizes strips. Heat the butter in a frying pan on medium heat – gas 5/6, and then add the Swiss chard. Season with salt. Continue to stir the Swiss chard for about 6 minutes, until soft. Serve in a bowl.DSC_1437

st-davids-cross-spice-upholstery-front-emailI am excited about designing a new range of cushions using woollen fabrics from Melin Tregwynt in Wales. They spin their own yarn and weave the wool.
Their colours are rich, they have a versatile selection for individual preferences.
Inside the Mill where the spinning and weaving takes place

Mondo- Aubergine
Mondo- Rose
Mondo- Natural
St. David’s Cross- Spice

Vintage- Rose-Regatta

Children’s quilts might also be soft furnishings..

Textile designers create not only fabrics for  functional, but for aesthetic and pleasing purposes. I say this because the fabrics I have used for children’s quilts designed for Michael Miller serve not just the functional purpose of being cotton, natural and cool (temperature), additionally, they are attractive to children, colourful and have meaningful/relevant themes.


This will mainly be attractive for female children because of the mainly pink colour. The cupcakes on them are endearing, and topped up with a pom-pom cherry.The quilt is patch work combined with white cotton fabric.


A day in Paris is also another attractive female children’s fabric. Although it is combined with the periwinkle blue, it will be appealing to girls. Teenagers would love this as well. The motif is of shopping elegant girls/ladies shopping in Paris.


Reasons to dress chairs and sofas in throws.

Throws like cushions also brighten up a dull sofa, however,they serve a further purpose of warming you up when it gets a bit nippy. Depending on the type of fabric being used , they can bring a touch of luxury to a home as well.

I chose the moss coloured mohair fabric because of its yielding texture and strong moss colour. I enjoy working with cotton, hence added the voile camouflage detail fabric. The cotton voile softens the intense colour of this throw. I once had a beautiful red mohair throw from Cocoa bean. It served me well. I love mohair for its warmth and softness.

The grey iron Dupion silk is very alluring, I couldn’t resist combining it with the pale grey mohair and being frivolous by adding little pompoms to it! That was great fun winding the wool around the tiny pom-pom maker.

The large red trailing branches on the pink knitted lace are quite expressive. I went on to add the white cotton lace which is intertwined with red velvet lace. Piroska (Red in Hungarian) made these beautiful throws!! I love crocheted thin cotton. I therefore couldn’t resist combing it with the knitted fabric.

Although the brown trailing flower on black lace is identical in motif to the pink and red one, its bright orange sequined trimming also brings it a bit more to life. I just couldn’t again resist adding a hint (??) of orange colour in there!

Do you use throws on your sofas and chairs, if so why? If not again why don’t you? let me know by leaving a comment on Zaliwana Accessories.

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