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Easter…Great day in the park.

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Inspiration for great photography- Part 1

When you have a limited budget, you become creative at finding props for your photography. All the photos on our site are taken by ourselves- they are decent aren’t they? We are lucky we love nature and outdoors. I especially thrive on derelicts, ancient looking structures, but colourful flowers, patterns and forms…

I have grouped the photographs into three categories, namely;  water,organisms and man made objects.

In part 2, I will show some more photos in the same theme, however, consisting of different forms.


Beautiful nature.

Despite the frost last night, the morning was very beautiful today, freezing of course.

I took an opportunity to walk around our local park at 7.30am, this really looks like the calm after the storm. Some areas of the U.K. have had a great battering of the floods and strong winds.The river looked like its waters had actually receded today,and look at what else I managed to capture… some amazing images.

Beautiful lake
Beautiful lake

Great river.
Great river.
The last of autumn..
The last of autumn..

Awesome pine cones.
Awesome pine cones.

Beautiful Conifers
Beautiful Conifers



Unassuming Snowdrops
It was great again walking this morning, although the wind was very cold and quite biting. It was meant to be a walk for insipiration, however ended up being a photo session. It was FABULOUS seeing all the snowdrops coming up already in pairs, threes and a lot of them in large clusters. I love snowdrops as they always signalled the end of the long dark and cold winter when I was a student in Germany.

Today, I saw them growing practically everywhere, more so in the very damp and wet areas where the Thames had meandered to. What beautiful yet very unassuming flowers. I suppose they will not be out for too long, they will be paving their way for others.. the crocuses. These were also rearing their heads, however very weakly, you could hardly distinguish their mauve colour..

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