Last weekend we visited the Windmill Market in Wimbledon again. After all sellers had arranged their products on the tables, that were already set in the hall of the church, the fair begun. The place had a very nice and familiar atmosphere and attracted a lot of visitors. Some were tempted by the delicious cakes and other kinds of foods, but most of the people that visited the market had a certain intention!

Karen came out tops with her great cup cakes in zebra stripped cup cake paper. They were so amazing that so many people flocked to them. What a great pastry maker! She is now into French pastries, we hope to see her at the Holy Cross school Christmas market!!


To be honest, I already fell in love with the environment, the colourful array of products that were displayed and the friendliness of people around. Fortunately this impression did not change at all. It was  a very nice and lovely day. I hope that soon we will have the chance to be part of this lovely community again.