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November 2013

Christmas gifts… for children

Gorgeous ideas for children’s presents.

Teddy bears,boy and girl.
_20130916_082309_river soft toys

Chubby rabbits and not chubby..
Chubby rabbits and not chubby..
Savannah animals
Savannah animals
Dino the dinosaur
Dino the dinosaur
Cheeky monkey
Cheeky monkey

A pile of old wood or art??

_20131030_8620autumn zali_1365E2FB lines

I had been thinking hard and  long how I would display my beautiful accessories against a very sombre background. With christmas looming, I had ideas ranging from creating a christmas tree in the form of old shoe boxes- maybe I would paint these green. Although the idea was appealing, it wasn’t strong enough to allow me to sum up the courage and energy to start collecting boxes from the local high street shoe shops!

on my walks through parks and forests, I realsied that the natural display of old wood, branches and plants wouldbe an interesting concept to explore. I had never realised how autumn would be a season I would so much celebrate due to the diversity of its flora and fauna at the time.

The photographs were taken at about 7.50am. The river was quite foggy and misty. I built up the old wood christmas tree in a quite spontaneous manner as the tree branches trunks and longs were all different sizes!



Colours of Autumn

Every season has its beautiful shades of colour, summer just gone has the sky, most of the time a gorgeous shade of blue, a great profusion of colour from flowers and even what people are dressed in! Early Spring lends itself to the opening of succulent leaves, slowly unfolding and tight buds wanting to show off their delicate , yet  exquisite colours.

When summer is very sunny hot and dry, these are some of the images seen.

The multi colours start slowly in spring and strengthen as we get towards the end of the season.  These photos  were taken in Windsor great park in May, 2012, what a combination of colours!!


Autumn, although wet, brings about different flora and fauna. Walking through the Windsor Great Park, it is simply amazing seeing the different colours of leaves and berries at different stages. The lush moss, mushrooms and toad stools. Under each dying bark, log, leaf are millions of mini beasts scuttling away hurriedly , trying to hide from the gazing eyes of photographers or the bright light!

Autumn is simply amazing!!

I have especially enjoyed this year’s autumn as we have gone wandering around forests trying to catch beautiful images of all sorts in sight. October also saw the great storm where trees were uprooted or  cruelly branches broken off. This was a good occasion to get close up on those autumnal coloured branches that are usually so high up the trees and sometimes just a little bit too difficult to capture on camera!

_20131104_10483autumn zali_1034E2FB lines _20131104_10521autumn zali_1042E2FB lines

Gorgeous tea cloths hanging from autumnal coloured leaves and branches

These  gorgeous lanterns show their reflective qualities so well among these  white creamy berries with the orangey browny background profusion of leaves.


Stay reading as I will be writing on a “pile of old wood or art!” next

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