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February 2012

Soft toys designed by En Gry and Sif

Teddy bears

On their travels, the  two Danish sisters fell in love with Sri lanka  and its beautiful people. Sri lanka is one of the most poorest countries in the world, however it’s a country rich in culture with a population that “possess incredible resilience”. It was important for for the two Danish sisters to maintain close links with their suppliers in Nepal.

The wool used to make their articles is sourced from New Zealand. The sisters are keen on Eco friendly products, the wool is therefore dyed with such. Sequins, beads and

Soft mice

threads are sourced locally in various markets in Kathmandu. All their products are made by hand. En Gry and Sif ensure that their products are manufactured under porper conditions and that their workers are paid a decent wage for their work., beacuse of this, they are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation. Today about 700 people in Nepal are employed making products for En Gry and Sif.

In the bleak mid winter…

It was lovely to see some snow last night and this morning. Hopefully more is yet to come. Did you take any photos you can share with us?



About Zaliwana Accessories

About Zaliwana Accessories.

Pall Magdi and Gyorfi Imre’s Pottery


Pall Magdi and Gyorfi Imre are a couple descendant from  Hungarians. They live in a village named Korond in Transylvania, famous for ceramic and pottery. This tradition has been passed on for hundreds of years through families. Only renowned families and well made pottery has managed to exist today.

Transylvania is a historical region in the central part of Romania. Its boundaries on the East and South are the Carpathian mountain range. Historical Transylvania extended in the west to the Apuseni mountains. Transylvania has been dominated by several different peoples and countries throughout its history. Among other peoples are the Hungarians who conquered much of Central Europe at the end of the 9th century.

Pall and Gyorfi have their pottery wheel in one of the rooms they use as a shop. Their pottery is ecologically fired in a kiln in another room adjacent to the main house. All the images on the products are hand drawn by Pall.

Pamela Chimutwi                                

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